Bucéphale 35' French, subtitles in Italian & German


Celine, a young woman for whom “Everything is possible” is not a straight forward expression, it is a reality that she lives every day.


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Year : 2017

Production : Framevox

Directors : Damien Marti & Chloé Seyssel

Editing : Chloé Seyssel

Images : Frédéric Girardet, Damien Marti, Carole Théraulaz, Karim Amin

Sound : Roméo Dos Santos

Original music : Alain Frey

Audio-mix : Serge Garcia

Color correction : Rodney Musso

Finishing : Jean-Baptiste Perrin

Celine van Till's journey, between light and shadow

While she was part of the National Swiss dressage team, 16-year-old Celine van Till fell from her horse and ends up being in a coma. She wakes up with serious consequences. How to tame a body that has become uncontrollable? How to live with a disability? How to make adversity a force to rise above one’s limits? It’s the journey of a fighter for whom “anything is possible”.

© framevox

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