Herradura 11'


Year: 2018
Production: LeaVe Production
Coproduction: LeonCubaFilm, Framevox & Galactus
Director: Federico Schlatter
Director assistant: Yanet Pavòn, Patrlocofilm
Scriptwriters: Esnedy Milan Herrera & Véronique Vergari
Editors: Vincenzon Di Natale & Chloé Seyssel
Music: Giovanni Di Cosimo
Post-Production: Framebyframe
VFX: Canecane


Like everyday, 2 fishermen are sailing deep into the ocean, risking their lives on their small boat. After a night at sea, they bring up the nets to the surface and realise that they have caught nothing but waste. They return to the shore and witness their village has disappeared. Instead, a 5-star hotel complex is under construction.

© framevox

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