Ndoto Ya Samira 90' Swahili, subtitles in English


Samira’s Dream

This is the story of a woman in Zanzibar called Samira, who aspires to have a family like all her friends, but who is also determined to pursue higher education and a career. Throughout her life, and during seven years of filming, social pressure and respect for traditions confront her with having to choose between having a family life or a career.

Year : 2019
Production : Fall Films
Director : Nino Tropiano
Associate producer : Annamaria Rotondo/ Paul Nugent
Co-producers : Framevox, Véronique Vergari & Agnès Boutruche
Executive producer : Marita D’Elia
Production assistant : Elaine Mc Guinness


“During a visit to the island of Zanzibar, I came across a group of young women from the region, in the fishing village of Nungwi. They agreed to share their story. Only one of the girls in the group had a cell phone and spoke a few words of English: Samira.

What started as a curiosity conversation became the subject of my film for the next 7 years!The story follows the daily life of 21-year-old Samira, moving towards the day she will have to marry, while she is determined to continue her studies and improve her status as a woman.She does not want to be a rebel in her society, perceived as not respecting the religion of her people nor their traditions. Samira wants to start a family, to be a mother, like the rest of her friends. She also sees no problem in being a successful woman, a model for her society. And yet …

Through Samira’s paradox, we question ourselves about the search for this balance of status between being a mother and being a modern independent woman ”.

Nino Tropiano


Technical crew

Produced & directed : Nino Tropiano

Camera : Vittoria Fiumi, Pina Mastropietro, Nino Tropiano

Sound recordist : Vittoria Fiumi, Nino Tropiano

Editors : Nino Tropiano, Luca Gianfrancesco, Aline Hervè

Creative Consultants : Safinez Bousbia, Huwayda Al Shahimi

Supervising Sound Editor, Re-recording mixer :
Massimo Filippini

Music : Sebastiano Forte, Bi-Kidude, Saif Salim Salè, Abdullah Mussa Ahmed

Colorist : Andrea Gagliardi

Assistants Editors : Silvia Natale, Matteo Gherardini

Conforming : Alessandro Ammendola

Titles : Elena Sacchi

Transcriptions from Swahili into English :
Musa Wanendeya, Rukia Sadik

Location Manager : Mbwna Mbwana

Fixer : Machano Ali Machu

Graphics Leo Tropiano

© framevox

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