J’ai testé l’ayahuasca 26' French

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Born in the depths of the Amazon, ayahuasca is the new fashionable substance.


Year : 2018
Executive production : Framevox, Agnès Boutruche
Director : Claudio Tonetti & Sabine Pirolt
Editing : Chloé Seyssel
Images: Thomas Szczepanski
Broadcasting : Magazine Temps Présent, Radio Télévision Suisse


Horribly bitter, a vomiting agent and purgative, this decoction of plants doesn’t seem to have any good effect.

It is also banned in many countries because of the powerful hallucinations it provides. Switzerland is no exception to this phenomenon of society, and ceremonies are held every weekend, at night, in total discretion.

Jean-Etienne, Sandra, Pierrick and Rinaldo have agreed to share how “this alternative medicine” has transformed their lives.

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Projections et diffusions

  • Sunday 18 November 2018 - RTS 1