The Living – Longyearbyen 53' French & English


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Year : 2013

Production : Framevox, Roméo dos Santos

Co-production : Voxpop, Marie Geiser

Director : Marie Geiser

Images : Antoine Silacci

Editing : Marie Geiser

Sound design : Spocksone

Color Correction : Contreforme

Music : Raphaël Weber & Cédric Liardet

Voice over : Patrice de Montmollin & Marie Geiser


Swept by freezing arctic winds, halfway between Norway and the North Pole, the last stop before the end of the world is called Longyearbyen. This small town has the particularity of welcoming nationals from all over the world, without a permit or visa. Forty-four nationalities are represented on the island. The only condition for being able to stay there is to be able to support yourself. At Longyearbyen no one is not allowed to be born, one should not die either. It is a place of passage.

If almost everyone who lives here felt in love with the place, there are as many reasons to stay there as there are inhabitants on the island: Nature, freedom, love, work, money too! However, the average length of stay is only 6 years. The isolation, the climate, the permanent night during the winter months, the cohabitation with some 3000 polar bears, make life harsh in this constraining latitude.

At 78 degrees north, we are meeting with a community of the extreme, in a constant renewal.

© framevox

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