Swiss Stories in L.A. 5 x 42' French, German & Italian

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Braodcasted in July & August 2019




Year : 2019
RTS order
Executive production : Framevox, Agnès Boutruche & Véronique Vergari
Director : Nadia Fares
Journalist : Laurence Mermoud
Images : Gary Grenier, Noémie Guignard
DIT : Romain Donnot
Editor : Chloé Seyssel & Valérie Anex
Music : Le Bruit. Alain Frey
Graphist : Xavier Brand
Sound Design : Studio Shazam


Dora, Randy, Roger, Francesca and Lauriane have chosen Los Angeles as the town where their life plans would be realised.

We will discover with them the charms and the difficulties to establish oneself in a great city, linked to the American dream!


Episode 1

The city of a thousand lights is welcoming at first sight. Lauriane arrives at UCLA for a semester and is lost in the huge campus, Dora decides to return to Switzerland. Roger settles down as an architect in Los Angeles but the daily life is strewn with administrative pitfalls. Between her artist life and her family life Francesca hasn’t got a minute for herself. Randy leads a simple and sometimes lonely life, as soon as he leaves his security guard job.


Episode 2

In Los Angeles, dreams can turn into a nightmare. The fires ravaged the region. Roger’s Swiss clients nearly lost their home, Francesca is making it the theme of an exhibition. Dora throws away from her paintings, Lauriane prepares her first exams and Randy decides to hike to the top of the hill with the famous Hollywood sign. Quite a symbol for him.


Episode 3

In Los Angeles, the adventure turns out to be paradoxical: to taste freedom while navigating within constraints. Roger defends a project in front of a committee in San Francisco, Dora’s husband fights against his opium addiction.

Lauriane finally goes out an evening and Francesca is working on a collective project called “The Lovers”. Randy spends the weekend at his home in Desert Hot Springs and watches the Superbowl with his friends from Ticino.


Episode 4

Fight hand in hand, move, be physically active. This is life in Los Angeles. It’s also Randy’s sport; he is a great American football player. Dora is fighting hard to sell her house at a set price and a good surprise awaits her. In L.A., night falls early but people work late, as Roger is very well aware. The multifaceted exhibition that Francesca and her friends put toghether is taking shape, and Lauriane decides to obtain her driving license.


Episode 5

When Los Angeles rhymes with joy, we can say that we have defeated the fortress. At the opening of her exhibition, Francesca takes an immense pleasure to see her work accomplished; Randy is overjoyed because it is the day of the Oscars, Dora and Pasquale have leaving party for their friends; Lauriane’s results are in good shape; Roger and Susanne enjoy their lives in the open air, in their farm.


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